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Hope you all have had it well since last post. Sorry for being away for a little while. As usual, life takes over and I get busy...followed by lazy. So bad, I know. But it's life right now lol.
So was out and about again with my boyfriend a few weeks ago in The Bronx, and snapped some outfit photos.
I haven't worn my hair up in a pony tail for quite some time now, I used to always do a messy bun, or a nice one, or pony tail kind of on the side. But I think I stopped kind of because when I gained weight my face got bigger too and rounder and I honestly started to feel a little self conscious. Because it's when you see that, you realize...yeah...I really gained weight man! Anyways, I've lost some weight now so there's really nothing stopping me, actually I should wear it up more often again, starting now. Anyone got any good hair style tips? Please comment!

Got my first Nike Roshe Runs from my boyfriend on valentines day. We both gave each other new sneakers...so cute! I love these. The print is different, but subtle. Goes with everything you wear, which is SO nice! Decided to dress it up with a pop of color and statement necklace. (Why not?) 
But anyways, the sneakers are awesome! So comfortable! So casual! Like Tom's but with extra cushion on the soles and especially heels which personally I need. After a long shift at work, walking in flats on hard floow. At the end of the day I get shooting pains up my legs from my heels. It sucks! But the Roshe Runs really helps, I just change into them when I leave work.

Anyways, hope you guys had a great weekend!

Stay around.

What I'm wearing: 
Dress from HM, Necklace from Tildon available at Nordstrom, Jacket from She's Miss, Sneaker from Nike Roshe Runs.


connie cabrera jacobsson said…
I love your Nike shoes and I think i will buy one when I get my salary. I love your jacket, too.

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