OUTFIT / Stay Warm!


This winter has been cold! I'm Scandinavian, I should be able to handle the cold. So you would think...but no. I can't. It's been really cold this winter here in the U.S. and I can't wait for warmer weather! This awesome winter coat has been keeping me warm all winter so far. So happy I spotted it in this new little boutique in the mall at Garden State Plaza called SHE'S MISS. I love the poofy collars and hoodies their jackets have, I'm definitely going back to see if I can find a cool jacket for the spring too. It's like grey-ish on a little bit on the green side and then black inside, love it! It's stylish and warm, WIN! WIN! For me! Haha!
Anyways, been shopping a lot at LOFT lately, love LOFT! Their clothes are so chic and feminine, but young. Trendy and Stylish. Got this sweatshirt looking dress from one of their special collections. LOVE IT. So comfortable and cozy. I wear it at work with a cute statement necklace and it works. I know HM have some too now. I need to go there and get one, they are in a lighter grey, NEED IT! So easy to wear.

How have you been staying stylish through this cold winter?


What I'm wearing:
Jacket from SHE'S MISS, Dress from LOFT, Stockings from Spanx, Boots from Sam Edelman, Necklace from Ur and Penn.


Unknown said…
I love everything about this look! Can I ask about what you think of LOFT's sizing compared to their size chart? I live in Aus, and I love LOFT's stuff, but I'm on the cusp of sizing out of their clothes.
Unknown said…
Girl, you look amazing. This is a very chic dress and I'm with you about the weather, I can't wait for it to warm up, I've had enough of this cold weather!


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